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Bill’s has landed in Leeds

Eek! Apologies for the recent lack of foodie musings. I have begun a new venture as a freelance journalist, PR and content marketing consultant and I am doing a bit of university lecturing on the side. Needless to say, I have been a busy bee!

But I’m back, and I’m here to talk about the fabulous new Leeds restaurant Bill’s.

I first discovered the Bill’s chain in Covent Garden when I was living in London in 2012. I remember hearing that a ‘Bill’s’ was coming to London and I got really excited that Bill Granger was opening a restaurant in the Big Smoke. Jake and I would spend many a lazy Sunday at this Sydney eatery, so my taste buds began to tingle at the thought of tasting those creamy scrambled eggs once again.

When I did visit Bill’s in London and found out it’s not part of Bill Granger’s chain, my disappointment lasted for all but five seconds because the food is just as good, the atmosphere is just as friendly and the staff are equally efficient.

Gorgeous bar


So when I heard Leeds was getting its own Bill’s, I did a mini “yippee!” I did an even bigger “yippee” when I was invited to try out their menu.

Bills 1

The interior of Bill’s is very ‘now’ – industrial, Victorian tiles contrasting with modern low lighting. The menu has echoes of America with its marinated chicken, burgers and ribs but is tempered and made more classy with touches of Australia – ingredients such as squid, halloumi, avocado adorn the menu. The squid that my mother in law Pauline and I ordered for our starters were soft, tender, hot and salty – exactly as squid should be. Just as good as the salt and pepper squid I feasted on at Sydney’s famous seafood restaurant Doyle’s.

Crispy lemon squid

I opted for the lime and coriander chicken for my main course as the happy/cheeky chappy waiter said it was his favourite dish on the menu. It really was special. It tasted like it had been marinading for hours in the delicious blend of lime, coriander and Tabasco before it had been chargrilled. The sweet potato fries served with it were crunchy and moreish and the chipotle mayo worked in harmony with the delicate flavours of the chicken. The only very slight let down was the kale coleslaw – I expected this to be a healthy and light version coleslaw but it was a little too heavy and full of mayonnaise for my taste.

Bill's lime and coriander chicken

Bill’s lime and coriander chicken

By this point we were all fit to bursting, but we just had to try the desserts. I was intrigued by the warm mini cinnamon doughnuts and these warm little pillows of doughy goodness were served with fresh strawberries and a warm chocolate dipping sauce. I can vouch for the fact that these tasted just as good as they sound… plus I felt like a little kid eating them which is an added bonus!

Warm mini cinnamon doughnuts

Warm mini cinnamon doughnuts

Bill’s is a fantastic place to come with family and friends for an easy, relaxed, affordable Saturday night out in Leeds. You know what you’re going to get; efficient yet friendly staff, good quality ingredients and a cheerful warm atmosphere.

Next, I will try their high tea as it sounds far too good to miss!

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