About me

Hi, I’m Emma. Thank you for taking the time to take a look at my blog.

I love to write – it’s my hobby and it’s my career. Whether I’m working in journalism, PR or content marketing, the same passion for good storytelling and research applies. This blog is an outlet for my notes, stories, thoughts and quips about food, travel and life in Yorkshire.

So, why The Aubergine Kitchen? Well, in 2014, Jake and I decided that after several years of exploring the world and living in Sydney and London, it was finally time to settle down and buy a house. We don’t like to do things in halves so we decided to take on a huge renovation project in beautiful Boston Spa. From the carnage emerged the jewel in the crown of our house – our beautiful wooden handmade kitchen, complete with granite worktops and Farrow and Ball’s Pelt on one wall. It’s this beautiful colour that inspired the name for this blog… not, incidentally, my love for aubergines.

Emma at the Vatican

Me at the Vatican in March 2015

What are your thoughts?

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