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Grom gelataria

Gelato from Rome, Italy

Not being the world’s biggest fan of ice cream, I never pictured the day I’d dedicate an entire blog post to ice cream. But that’s before I discovered Grom near Rome’s bustling Campo di Fiori.

From the outside, the only thing that separates this little gelateria ¬†from others I’ve frequented in the past is the giant queue of people outside, and the fact that the different flavours of gelato are in silver tubs covered with lids. It had been recommended by a work friend of Jake’s but I wondered whether it would be any better than other Italian gelatos I’ve tried over the years.

I ordered coni piccolo with two scoops of pistachio ice cream. Jake ordered a small cone too but with one scoop of coconut ice cream and another of dark chocolate. The first thing that struck me was the colour of my ice cream – it literally appeared as though pistachio nuts had been blended up. And it tasted like it too. It had a slightly coarse, nutty texture whilst also being creamy and the subtle flavour of pistachio nuts was simply delicious. I devoured my two scoops within minutes. Jake’s coconut and dark chocolate combination reminded me of a bounty bar – the coconut ice cream was remeniscent of dessicated cocount in texture and the dark chocolate was slightly bitter but so moreish! Needless to say, we’ve visited Grom every day on our trip so far, and we’re trying to work out when we can try out their cioccolata caldo as soon as possible.

Outside Grom in Rome

No, these aren’t both for me!

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