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Blackberry porridge

I watched a crazy new Heston programme the other day. “Heston’s Fantastical Food” I think it was called. On it, he challenged himself to create the biggest English breakfast ever. The point of it was to make busy Birmingham commuters more aware of the importance of eating breakfast. It got me thinking…

Breakfast is always called “the most important meal of the day”, but how many of us spend the same amount of time eating breakfast as we do eating lunch or dinner? I try and take at least half an hour for lunch when I’m at work. For dinner, I’ll be in no rush to polish of my bangers and mash. But breakfast is usually a bowl of bran flakes, balancing on my knee while I try and do my make up in my bedroom. It’s this thing of eating but not concentrating on eating. I know that’s not supposed to be very good for you.

Studies show that if you sit down and eat and actually concentrate on eating, your mind registers you are eating and it keeps you full longer:

In this article, the writer says:

“Multi-tasking + eating = Over-Eating and Under-Enjoying”

She couldn’t be more right! So, I think the only answer is to either let people have a proper breakfast when they get into work OR have the working day start a little later so people have time to enjoy a good breakfast! (Ok – good in theory, maybe not in practise. I’m sure David Cameron would have a fit at the idea of the number of working hours lost just for the sake of breakfast.)

This lovely image is of a bowl of beautiful porridge I made yesterday. I had the day booked off work so I treated myself to an extra hour in bed and TIME to make a proper breakfast. What a wintry warming bowl of berry goodness it was:

Blackberry porridge

Blackberry porridge

Blackberry Porridge – Serves 1

– Pour half a cup of porridge oats into a small pan along with a cup and a half of milk and a pinch of salt. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring often.

– Meanwhile chop up some juicy blackberries (delicious Winter fruit!)

– Serve porridge in a bowl with blackberries scattered on top with a drizzle of runny honey.

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